From its inception in 1889, Scheel Corporation has been a leader in supplying natural resins to the coatings industry. Today we are also noted for our expertise in the hot melt blending of waxes and polyethylene`s for the ink, coating, and polishing industries.

Custom formulations of wax blends are a Scheel Corporation specialty. Our applications includeing printing, adhesives, textiles, plastics, rubber and carbon paper inks. Scheel Corporation products are also used in polishes for the floors, shoes and automobiles as well as cosmetics, paper and artist supplies.

Scheel Corporation warehouses, sells and delivers, as an offcial distributor, specialty products manufactured by some of the largest producers of wax and resins, both domestic and foreign.

Scheel Corporation offers various waxes and their respective grades. As product examples, the list includes carnauba, beeswax, fisher-tropsch, microcrystalline, montan (oxidized or modified), paraffin`s, polyethylene`s (homopolymers, copolymers and modified), and many others, including specialty blends. These products are available in different physical forms, such as slabs, lumps, prills, flakes or powders. Also offered are synthetic and natural resins, damar, mastic, copal and alkali soluble resins. The hot blends of the natural or synthetic materials are custom made on the basis of proprietary and confidential composition.